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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep a skip for?
Normally 12 days, however if you need for a while longer ask and we will discuss.
Will the skip fit in my drive way?
You will need a drive way 9′ in width with good visibility. But please note if there is big tree or Power Cables over hanging it will not be possible but our driver will try his best but it’s his call on the day and after all HEALTH & SAFETY is our top priority.
How high can I fill the skip?
Level Load nothing hanging out over the top our Driver will go over this with you on the day of delivery.
I’m not too sure what skip size I need?
Basically the normal house clean out skip would be an 8 yard. For further details look at our skip sizes & dimensions to help you.
Can I pour liquids in the skip?

Unfortunately No as all our skips have rain holes bored in the corners, also see below forbidden items.

NOT allowed in your skip:

  • Radioactive Materials
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Asbestos
  • Pressurised Gas Cylinders
A fire is after igniting in my skip and everything is burned what shall I do?
First call is the Fire brigade and then give us a call when the dust settles down. We will assist you as best as possible, however as per T & C you will be liable for damages caused to the Skip.
Can I leave a skip on a public road or outside my shop front?
It is possible however you will have to apply to your local council for a permit. This comes with an extra cost charged by the council, but First please give us a call on. A job like this and we will make the process very easy for you.
I only want the skip for a day and need it taken away again in a few hours?
No problem please just tell us your plan for the short hire and we will assist.
I have to wheelbarrow out soil from my garden can you make this an easier task?
Yes we have skips with drop down doors that acts as a ramp for you to push your Wheelbarrow in at ease to tip the heavy loads into the skip.
Bin Washing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean any bin and what size bins do you clean?
Yes we clean any companies bins no matter who owns them remember. Their your bins now and you shouldn’t have to suffer bad odours etc. We clean house hold bins and commercial bins.
Where will all the waste water & dirt go when you wash the bin?
Our truck is self contained and all the debris from the inside of you bin will be inside our truck, there will be no mess outside your premises.
Is there any harmful chemicals used in the wash process?
No all bins are washed with pipping hot water and are then sprayed with environmentally friendly sanitiser. Spec sheet for product is on request.
How clean will you leave my bins there is a bad stain on it for ages will this be removed?
You bin will be left spotless, however we cannot guarantee to remove a chemical stain that has changed the colour of your bin
The day your schedule to wash my bins they will have waste in them?
Please contact us and we will slot you into the most convenient slot to suit you.

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