Our Bin Washing Service provides a refuse bin cleaning service for householders and business.

We will call to your home/business to wash and sanitize your bins leaving them fresh and as good as new. Our truck is self contained and all debris from the inside of your bin will be inside our truck therefor there will be no mess outside your premises. Regular cleaning of your bins can avoid pest infestations like bluebottles, fruit flies, slugs and also prevent unpleasant smells.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean any bin and what size bins do you clean?
Yes we clean any companies bins no matter who owns them remember. Their your bins now and you shouldn’t have to suffer bad odours etc. We clean house hold bins and commercial bins.
Where will all the waste water & dirt go when you wash the bin?
Our truck is self contained and all the debris from the inside of you bin will be inside our truck, there will be no mess outside your premises.
Is there any harmful chemicals used in the wash process?
No all bins are washed with pipping hot water and are then sprayed with environmentally friendly sanitiser. Spec sheet for product is on request.
How clean will you leave my bins there is a bad stain on it for ages will this be removed?
You bin will be left spotless, however we cannot guarantee to remove a chemical stain that has changed the colour of your bin
The day your schedule to wash my bins they will have waste in them?
Please contact us and we will slot you into the most convenient slot to suit you.
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